MOMO Pro User Guide
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MOMO Pro User Guide

MOMO Pro gives traders the edge to quickly uncover movers and insight int time entries and maximize profit. Built for momentum trading - but simplicity, customization, and alerting enhance all trading


MOMO was built to discover new stocks and uncover trades before your competition (other traders). MOMO Pro is our latest platform designed to provide the best visibility to stocks making meaningful moves. MOMO Pro works by examining the price action on over 10,000 equities across Nasdaq, NYSE and AMEX and then streaming the intraday breakout activity in real-time. Armed with this unique capability, you can quickly monitor and identify trading opportunities previously unaware to you.
MOMO Pro is focused on delivering market action so you can profit. There are a host of other tools that provide charting and trade execution, but MOMO Pro is purpose-built on scanning the US markets to uncover your next winning trade.
The standard version of MOMO provides the familiar new realtime high / new low capabilities found in the first version of MOMOweb, but with a significantly improved interface to make MOMO more accessible regardless of device.
MOMO Pro takes trade discovery to the next level, by providing Discovery -- a sortable and filterable view that captures, screens stocks in 1 minute to 1 month timeframes. The new sortable view enables you to now look at stocks making movement beyond higher highs or lower lows, but to also include those with total highest momentum, unusual volume, percent change, and VWAP distance.
MOMO Pro+ includes special features to identify stocks exiting consolidation (squeeze) patterns and build queries based on trend, gaps, and significant money flows. Additional technical indicators include short interest ratio (DTC), Gap% as well as Average True Range (ATR%). MOMO Pro+ includes conditional alert notifications using available MOMO criteria to build alerts which return symbols based on condition. MOMO Pro+ also provides the availability to access alerts with our webhook API.
The entire platform is optimized it to be fully re-sizable to support a wide range of resolutions and devices - whether Windows, MacOS, Android or iOS.
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