Menu & Layout

Before we dive into the functionality, take a look at the menuing and layout manager. Within your browser or when deployed as a PWA the MOMO components will automatically resize and stack to fit your needs across devices.

The top menu bar is used for adding and removing components. Use the left arrows and right arrows to display items off the page. Unselected items return to the "+ MORE" menu folder.

Advanced Layout Management

MOMO Pro also includes advanced layout management to enable you to detach, resize, and close components to support using MOMO on multiple screens and layouts.

Each of the 10 available components makes up MOMO Pro. The Discovery components will not be displayed if you only subscribe to the MOMO basic plan. You may upgrade at any time to receive this capability.

You will notice most windows have layout toolbars. These are used to arrange and pop out windows from the MOMO Dashboard.

At any time, you may detach a window by clicking the leftmost detach icon in the toolbar. You can move and save the layout with one or more components spread across screens, as illustrated below.

Useful Tips:

Everyone has different layout needs, screen resolution, and device types. You can customize MOMO Pro in a variety of ways to meet your needs.

  • Full-screen expansion -- Both Stream and Discovery have optional full-screen expansion options in the top right of their respective windows.

  • Toggling Menu -- By default, all elements are enabled. Select or unselect to save space or remove items that are not needed.

  • Browser Zoom -- On MacOS or Windows you can adjust your browser font size with Zoom. To zoom in or out with windows, use ctrl + or -. With MacO use command + or -.

  • To adjust a layout, first select the layout option from the layout manager, then ensure the layout is unlocked. Then, make the desired changes. To "save" settings and prevent further change, move the layout to the locked position.

  • If you are unable to detach windows or they are hidden, make sure you have enabled your browser “Popup or Popout and redirects” in settings.

  • If you are unable to manage and save settings across multiple displays, ensure you have enabled “Window Management” in your browser (e.g., Chrome, Edge, or Safari).

  • If the layout is locked, the layout toolbars will be hidden until unlocked.

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