Stock Alerts

You may set browser-based desktop alerts to stay notified of specific breakouts with the Notification menu settings option. This is useful to help ensure you get instant notification of a stock’s movement.

There are 5 alert types you may set. Each will show in Alert History as well as in your operating system notification system.

  • Halt Alert - Halts provide fast notification when a stock is halted. When enabled, it will poll Nasdaq and report on all stocks which are halted with reason code (e.g. volatility, news pending)

  • High/Low Breakout Alert - Alert notifications are sent for every new high or low of the symbol. You may adjust the frequency of the alerts by adjusting the alert sensitivity (dollar-based rate of change).

  • (Pro) Unusual Volume % Alert - Provides alerts based on volume relative to the prior 30-day average. You may configure the frequency of alerts based on percentage variance from the average.

  • (Pro) VWAP Distance % Alert - Alerts based on the symbol's current price percent variance from VWAP. (Start with a lower setting and adjust based on volatility.)

  • (Pro) Price % Alert - Alert notifications based on a stock's percent change.

  • (Pro+) Conditional Alert - Custom alerts built on your criteria. Where other alert types require an entered symbol, Conditional Alerts report the symbols which meet the set criteria. Conditional alerts may be configured using any or all of the available criteria, including average volume, float, price, price change%, momentum, unusual volume, VWAPdist, Moneyflow range, Moneyflow change%, and Squeeze.

MOMO and MOMO Pro users: Review Alert Settings for configuration details.

MOMO Pro+ users: Review Conditional Alerts for additional configuration details.

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