Within Settings (accessed from the menu in top right of dashboard) or from you have the option to configure General Settings, the filters for the MOMO high/low Stream, Set notification alerts and adjust the Discovery layout.

General Settings

The available sub-options for General Settings are Options and News.


The Options setting provides you the ability to globally filter or adjust how you want stocks which have underlying options to appear.

  • Icon - When this option is selected the ° indicator will appear next to optionable stocks on the Stream and Discovery views.

  • Filter - When selected, will ONLY show equities with underlying options in Stream and Discovery views.

  • Off - Does not show the ° indicator or filter optionable stocks. "Off" is default behavior.


  • SEC Filings - adjusts whether or not to show SEC filings in News view in order prevent flooding results. SEC filings will still appear in results of individually searched stocks.

  • News Icon - is displayed to highlight recent news on the Stream and Discovery views. Adjust slider to configure how far back in past MOMO should consider news as “recent”.

Important Tip:

If evaluating MOMO Pro for scanning peformance and breakouts with Options set to "filter" be aware many small cap breakouts do not have available options and will not be shown. Recommend leaving setting to OFF or Icon setting initially as many new users set to filter and don't realize the impact.

Stream Settings

To adjust the Streams, select the desired tab and set accordingly. Either Stream may be assigned to one of 4 Types and one of 3 Modes. It's worth noting the Custom and Filter options will support unique configurations or stock listings. (e.g. If Stream 1 and Stream 2 are both set to "Filter" you can have different settings for each.) We recommend using the color coding feature to help quickly identify.

The 4 available Types for Stream 1 and Stream 2 are:

  • Filter - Apply separate filters using 5 available criteria to both Main and Alt stream.

  • Popular - Leverage the community-driven Popular channel to closely watch socially trending breakout

  • Favorites - Limit Stream to only display new highs/ new lows based on your Favorite Quotes

  • Custom - Upload CSV or individually add list of up to 250 stock symbols. 250 symbols may be supported on each stream for combined total of 500 symbols

Mode settings provide alter the reporting of values in Stream. The 3 available Modes for Stream 1 and Stream 2 are:

  • Default - Is standard Stream behavior. This means Stream will display stocks with new highs or lows of the day.

  • Near .10 - This is an advanced Stream setting. When selected, Stream will display stocks which are $0.10 from a new daily high or new daily low.

  • Near 1%:- This is an advanced Stream setting. When selected, Stream will display stocks which are 1% from a new daily high or new daily low.

Stream Filter Settings Detail

The Filter and Custom selections have additional configuration available. Popular and Favorites do not have additional values, but ensure when selecting "Favorite" you have added an adequate number of Favorite Quotes for the functionality to be useful.

Price Filter

If there is a particular price range you wish to display, the price filter slider that can be set to accordingly. Keeping the slider set on the MIN and MAX will ensure you are receiving all available stocks and equities.

Volume Filter

If you prefer to ignore low volume symbols or focus on higher volume stocks you can set the volume filter to accommodate. When the slider remains on the MIN and MAX values, no volume filtering is being applied. The average volume filter is based on 10-day moving daily average.

Float Filter

The float filter provides optional way to focus on businesses based on outstanding shares. When used in conjunction with price you can refine scan businesses based on market cap.

Count Filter

Count is the sum of new highs (or lows) of the day. Adjusting this filter allows you to reduce those symbols just making a preliminary move (increase minimum value) or those which have had an extended run and possibly risky to chase (decrease maximum value).

ATR Filter

ATR% is a measure for evaluating volatility (Average True Range). We express as a percentage to provide a comparative value against the market. (This is a premium feature only available in MOMO Pro+.)

Gap Filter

Gap% is a filter for identifying stocks making higher highs or lower lows with a Gap. We express as a percentage to provide a comparative value against the market. (This is a premium feature only available in MOMO Pro+.)

Category Filter

Selectively removes particular stocks from the available 18 categories to narrow your focus. Use the category filters in conjuction with other Stream filters to refine as needed. For example, you may set to only see symbols in the “Energy” category with a price range $5 to $20 and average daily volume of greater than 100k shares.

Custom Stream

The custom Stream is designed to provide dedicated view of a personal list of stocks. Examples include a watchlist, SPACs list, emerging biotechs list, and high short % list. Drag a CSV file of up to 250 symbols to create a custom MOMO stream. You may optionally add them manually with the "Add" button. To remove individual symbols select "Edit" or click the trash icon to delete the entire file. Symbols not recognized by MOMO will not be processed.

Discovery Settings

Most of the options on Discovery are configurable on the dashboard, but display options are set in Settings. Display options can hide columns entirely and adjust ordering. To adjust order, drag columns to preferred order. These settings are useful for fitting desired data into mobile browsers

Discovery Display options

Neural Voice Notifications

Assign life-like voice to various MOMO zones to keep track of market movement audibly. To start, use Add Voice selection, choose assignment area you would want audible output, the voice option, as well as whether you want the response said as the symbol or the corresponding name of the company or ETF.

Click the settings gear to slow down the notification rate. This may slightly delay the output during periods of busy market activity.

NOTE: You must enable sound and/or unmute the browser to hear the sound output.

Alert Settings

Each of the 6 alert types can enabled or configured under Notification settings. (including Conditional Alerts )

Halt Setting

Enable for notification when a stock is halted or resumes trading. This notification occurs within 1 min of Nasdaq issuance.

High/Low Setting

Base notification which works with the Stream. Sensitivity is the rate of change based on price.

Unusual Volume %

VWAP Distance %

Price Change

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