MOMO Pro Features

With your MOMO Pro subscription, you will have the Discovery feature enabled. Discovery provides a more comprehensive way of presenting data and the sortable fields uniquely highlight opportunities on their own merits. Search by stock, filter by industry or select your favorites to uncover notable movements on new stocks or keep close tabs on those you closely follow.

Key Discovery Features

Discovery updates with live pricing volume updates as well as analytics to keep you up to date on the biggest movers.

The Discovery columns are sortable by clicking on the column heading name. This means you can order the columns from high to low in order to see either the biggest gainers or losers in the market. Use the sortable fields in conjunction with the filters and search to sort a smaller subset of symbols.

  • Symbol - The stock's name as part of the Discovery results. You may mouse over to get the full name of the business or issue.

  • Momentum - Calculated using count data from the MOMO Stream. A positive value represents more new daily highs of the day vs. new daily lows of the day. The ability for a stock to continue to break prior highs or lows is a powerful indicator as sellers stay on the sidelines and buyers still see opportunity despite the rising price. (Obviously, the inverse if going down).

  • Float - Filterable element that lets you identify stocks that may rapidly rise or fall due to a limited number of outstanding tradable shares.

  • VWAPDist - New function that actively scans the market based on percent distance from VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price). This allows you at any point to see which stocks are deviating most from this metric.

    About VWAP. VWAP is important because it provides traders with insight into both the trend and value of a security. VWAP is a common indicator and historically known as the point at which large funds accumulate or distribute their holdings as it was deemed the most representative price to value for the day. Algorithmic trading has certainly found more contemporary ways to accumulate or distribute, but the VWAPDist is still a great way to uncover stocks pulling away from volume-priced action.

  • Uvol - Our abbreviation for “unusual volume”. We look at volume in premarket, normal hours, and extended hours, slice the day into 15-minute snapshots, and compare those snapshots to the past 30 trading days. If the current volume rises abnormally relative to the market, it will rise to the top.

    About Uvol. Our unusual volume implementation is unique and can highlight deviations independent of spikes in the market open or lulls during lunch hour. Uvol may report peculiar percentages based on incomplete reporting on new stocks and thinly traded issues. Relatively unknown stocks getting interest during extended hours will rise to the top.

  • RelStr - Our abbreviation for “relative strength”. This indicator compares gains and losses relative to the SPY on a percentage basis. It is a timeframe-sensitive indicator to help quickly assess performance.

  • Actions - Provide options for adding a symbol to the list of Favorites or setting an alert

  • Timeframe - Evaluate your filtered criteria across 10 different timeframes; from 1 minute to 1 month. When selected, Discovery automatically compares performance vs. prior selected timeframe. So if 5 minute timeframe is selected, shown data is vs. prior 5 minute close.

Discovery Filters

Refine the Discovery View to your needs with one of the available filtering methods. Where sorting toggles the direction of the data when clicking on column headings, filtering reduces the displayed data based on your criteria.

  • Industries - Choose to filter Discovery by Industry and view the performance of only the businesses in the chosen industry. To deselect and show all options, just select Industry again.

  • Custom Filters - Create and save your own filters based on select criteria. Custom Filters allow you to create temporary filters or saved filters. To save a filter, enter Filter Name and select "Save & Filter". For one-time queries, select "Add New", enter criteria, and then select "Filter".

    Saved Filters are available from the Custom Filter drop-down for quick reference.

  • Favorites - Any time you click the star to the right of a symbol, you will create a new Favorite. It's similar to a watch list but easier to manage. At any time, you may click the Favorites button to see the performance. Select again to return to the full view.

  • Search - Top right option within the Discovery window. Enter the selected symbol to find the stock performance. (works great when setting up Favorites).

Additional Discovery Features

  • CSV Download - Tap the Discovery Pro icon to reveal the option to download the current view. The download is limited to 250 rows, and the CSV will capture and export data based on filter settings.

Useful Tip #1

VWAP indicator is a 24 hour rolling weighted average which means that the value is structured on recent data. You can use the VWAPdist% to get an understanding of whether current day traders are profitable or losing money (if long) and also to help gauge if the security is over-extended and likely going to return to the volume-weighted mean. Many charting tools will plot the VWAP for you. What the VWAPdist% does is uniquely scan the market for those stocks starting to make moves after a relative period of low volatility. While historically an intraday indicator, MOMO Pro has extrapolated VWAP to provide weekly and monthly context.

Useful Tip #2

Correlation between any of the fields is often likely, but it is in no ways mandatory due to the nature of a stock’s movements.


  • Uvol could be up 1000%, and the stock could drop back to a 0% gain/loss for the day. May occur after positive speculation on earnings that don’t live up to expectations. Heavy selling into buying keeps stock relatively flat.

  • Momentum may report +100, and VWAPdist% may be a negative value. Scenario - Early morning gains held steady through the day, and profits were taken at the end of the day.

  • Percent gain may show 10%, but momentum may be nominal. Percent gain is a function comparing the current price to the prior day's close. Momentum is based on the number of new highs to new lows. Both work together, but spreads and volatility won’t see these tightly aligned. Scenario - AAPL may have a momentum value of 100 and a gain of only 1% as the spread is much tighter than a stock with a lower volume. Additionally, a stock with a large gap first trade will account for additional deviation.


MOMO Flow is the latest addition specifically designed to cater to the needs of traders seeking a reliable method to spot volume spikes. By leveraging per-second trade data, MOMO Flow provides real-time insights into volume spikes relative to 1-minute or 5-minute timeframes.

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Detection: Unlike systems that analyze at the close of intervals, MOMO Flow offers instantaneous volume anomaly detection even before the close of timeframe.

  • Enhanced User Experience: A compact, ticker-like interface suitable for compact placement next to brokerage platforms.

  • Expanded Market Support: Supports NYSE, Nasdaq, as well as OTC markets across regular and pre- / post market hours.


Realtime Z-Scoring Statistical Analysis: Provides a comprehensive view of market volume and includes dark pool volume data.

Per-Second Analysis: Identify trade spikes from institutions, meme "attacks", or breakouts without the standard waiting period.

Immediate Print Updates: Real-time notifications if a trade surpasses statistical levels, eliminating the wait for the interval to close.

Symbol Quicklook: Hover over any symbol for a quick company overview.

Play/Pause Option: Allows users to pause the flow for a more in-depth review of movers.

Customizable Settings: Users can adjust the 1-minute/5-minute volume requirements and daily volume based on their preferences.

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